Book release and translation

So the book is finally out! I’m so happy it finally got its release! Right now I’m just waiting for my author copies to arrive, so I can have a physical book without the “not for resale” bar across its cover. I should be spending my day off writing, but I’m hung up on translation […]

Proof copies and Book 2

I received my proof copy the other day and I can say that nothing feels better than holding a physical copy of your book in your hands. (Even if it does have the ugly “not for resale” bar across it) I’ve still got some tweaking of the cover to do, but otherwise the interior is […]

Short story is complete!

I’ve finished writing my short story and now it’s on its rounds of editing. I’m hoping to have it available for download next week. It’ll be a freebie for those that subscribe to my newsletter. 🙂 The main novel is still finishing up with the final touches and should be ready by the end of […]


I’m a bit stuck in limbo right now as I wait for the manuscript to come back from the editor. My initial September release date is way off after accounting for delivery times. Looks like it’s going to be October at least. In the meantime I’m finishing my prequel short story which will be available […]

First Blog

Welcome to my author website! So, this is my first blog post. I’m currently busy getting my novel ready for publication. I’ve sent it off to beta readers today and then will begin the editing process. As well, I’ve got some character art being designed at the moment and hope to share that on my […]