Proof copies and Book 2

I received my proof copy the other day and I can say that nothing feels better than holding a physical copy of your book in your hands. (Even if it does have the ugly “not for resale” bar across it)

I’ve still got some tweaking of the cover to do, but otherwise the interior is finished and ready to go for the release day at the end of this month.

But that doesn’t mean it’s time to rest. I’ve still got the marketing to do for this book, getting it translated and ready for a Korean release, and then finishing Book 2 in the series.

Actually, Book 2 is nearly done and on track to be ready by early Spring 2023. It’s a little bit darker than Book 1 and has some more horror elements to it because I was feeling spooky at the time of writing it. (You know, at the spookiest time of year, the middle of summer lol)

So I hope everyone will look forward to these releases as much as I am.